Gaffneys Event Logistics

International Freight Forwarding

Events and Exhibitions with GEL Events Are Unrestricted By Borders

International Freight Forwarding

We arrange, plan, collect, deliver and return exhibition materials from all around the world using a team of established and capable freight forwarders.

Global Reach

Our world-class partners can retrieve expo materials across the globe, ensuring your show is stocked with everything needed to showcase your industry’s best.

Expertise and Experience

As an events partner that has been transporting goods for years, we know all the intricacies of global shipping. This experience allows us to foresee problem areas and exceed expectations.

Attention to Detail

Sensitivities and complexities are common in freight collection and movements between countries. GEL’s attention to detail ensures we work with accuracy to avoid errors and issues.

Reliability and Timeliness

Due to our planning capabilities and reliable freight network, we have a proven track record of delivering materials within tight timeframes.

Customer Focused Approach

Partnering with GEL Events for your events and exhibitions means that our knowledgeable and friendly team becomes an extension of yours.

Australian Owned and Operated

GEL Events has run a local and national operation since day one. We’re proud to be Australian-owned and operated while fulfilling the material needs of Aussie events.

Prompt & Extensive International Freight Forwarding

We understand the items and products needed at your event aren’t always easily accessible. GEL Events are more than capable of retrieving exhibitionists’ products from around the world, with a highly established and reliable network of international freight carriers.


We’ll work with all of your exhibitors to understand their needs, track down their items and transport them with punctuality and care. No product is too big or small, too near or far or too delicate for our trusted logistics partners. Once on our shores and at your door, we execute our thorough installation plan, and at the end of the show, we take the same care in returning items to their original location.

Our seasoned team of professionals run a seamless process, ensuring your materials are transported effortlessly from venue to venue. With GEL Events your trade show presence is never compromised by logistics challenges.
Our customs clearance expertise makes us well-equipped to handle the intricacies of delivering your supplier’s materials across borders. Focus on your show, while we handle the customs complexities.
Our dedicated on-site services team is always ready to provide real-time, on-the-ground site management and solutions, ensuring your setup is impeccable and your show runs smoothly.
Part of optimising our freight transport for your event includes intelligent consolidation strategies to minimise overall costs without compromising on timing, quality or reliability.
We can provide protective care and storage for your materials even before the event begins. Thai includes products with sensitivities such as refrigeration needs and fragile items, so your trader’s assets remain in ideal condition.
We understand that trade shows operate on tight schedules. Our round-the-clock operations ensure that your logistics needs are met, regardless of the hour.
Our extensive network enables us to deliver your materials anywhere across the globe. No destination is off-limits when you choose GEL as your logistics partner.